If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable dental chair that’s ambidextrous but you’re constrained by budget.  Designed to give you flexibility, plus access. Performer answers the need for less complexity, lower cost and exceptional choices.

Flexible choices: Ambidextrous; the delivery system can be located in either the left-handed or right-handed positions in a matter of seconds.

A‑dec legendary reliability and quality: Since the Performer dental chair is designed, built, and tested by A‑dec, you know you’re getting the very best.

  • Ambidextrous: Delivery system can be located in left- or right-handed positions without the use of tools.
  • Double-articulating headrest: Allows you to adjust the patient for a better view of the oral cavity.
  • Reliable hydraulic-lift system: Results in ultra-quiet, smooth chair movement.
  • Programmable button footswitch or optional chair touchpad: Provides manual or automatic chair positioning.
  • Cast-aluminum baseplate: Sits flat on any floor for overall chair stability.