Released on the 1st July 2021, the Eurus is the brand new series of treatment centre by Belmont.

SPS are proud to have been the first supplier of Belmont products in the UK. We have supported and recommended their exceptional equipment for decades and the Eurus is no exception.

Named after the East Wind, which brought blessed rain to grain fields in ancient mythology, Eurus embodies Belmont’s belief of bringing highly reliable Japan-quality products to dentists in the world.

With many options and luxury features, the Eurus offers a new level of flexibility for dentists and nurses.

The Eurus collection includes:

Eurus S1 Holder Type 
Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type
Eurus Swivel Chair

Take a look at the 1st Belmont Eurus to be installed in the UK – by us!

   Eurus S1 Holder Type

Key features:

  • Over patient arm with easy flexibility and lockable with a pneumatic brake.
  • Two-hand or four-hand positioning.
  • Compact space- the Eurus S1 can be installed in a space as narrow as 1.8 meters wide.
  • Clear and intuitive touch-screen technology.
  • Assistant holder extends and rotates and includes a touchpad.
  • Robust construction (maximum weight 200kg).
  • Safety switch system.
  • Optional outlets – two to four handpiece slots.
  • LED Safety indicator – shows lock status of chair.
  • Low-level warnings showing when water needs refilling.
  • Concealed utility panel.
  • High flow-rate vacuum system.

    Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type

Key features:

  • Improves flexibility – making it possible to pick up handpieces before treatment without repositioning.
  • Lightweight design reduces fatigue.
  • Flexible holder can swivel in multiple directions, reducing wear on the hose.
  • Long reaching to deliver treatments more comfortably and adaptable to various treatment styles.
  • Tension adjustment to change the weight of each handpiece.
  • Foot control for coolant water, spray air and chip blower to turn handpieces on and off while keeping the hands free.
  • Precise positioning across three axis with easy movement.
  • Autoclavable, detachable instrument holders and handles for easy cleaning.
  • Sliding cuspidor and removable bowl for daily maintenance.

   Eurus Swivel Chair

Key features:

  • Stylish and comfortable standalone chair.
  • Foldable “knee break” style for utilising space and easy patient access.
  • Practical side-rotating armrests – making it easier to sit on and stand up from the chair.
  • Hands-free operation, with chair movements solely controlled by the foot.
  • Swivels over a radius of 210 degrees, with cable-free base rotation.
  • Auto return button and customisable programmed positions.
  • Multi positional headrest

All Belmont Eurus chairs are upgradable to soft and luxury upholstery.


The key features of the Eurus are:

Over-Patient delivery system | Holder and Continental Rod type options | Available with Seamless or Luxury upholstery in 3 fabric options