Score Jumper Saddle Seat

The anatomically shaped saddle seat tilts the pelvis so the spine is in the most optimal sitting position. The adjustable Balance mechanism ensures that the saddle seat moves along in the same direction as the user, which balances them on the saddle seat.

Score Amazone Saddle Seat

Optimal neutral posture for working actively and relaxed. Easily manoeuvre closely around your patient and gain a better view due to unique elevated sitting posture.

Score Amazone Balance with Lumbar Support

The essence of healthy sitting is dynamic sitting. With the uniquely adjustable Balance mechanism the saddle moves subtly along with your movements.

Score Amazone with Lumbar Support

The smaller and most popular shape the two different seats, the Amazone, facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor.

Score Jumper Balance with Lumbar Support

The Jumper has a slightly wider seat, resulting in a slightly smaller hip angle. A larger part of your body weight rests on the seat. This gives the Jumper seat a more traditional sitting experience.

Score Jumper with Lumbar Support

The multifunctional shape of the lumbar support provides light support for your lower back (lumbar area) while working in an active posture. In addition, you can also lean against it and stretch to relax your back for a moment.