Optimal neutral posture for working actively and relaxed. Easily manoeuvre closely around your patient and gain a better view due to unique elevated sitting posture. The Amazone saddle stool has anatomically shaped saddle seat that tilts the pelvis and ensures a healthy and relaxed back posture. The Amazone has a narrower seat than the Jumper and is available in different heights.

Experience the comfort of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a healthy back posture, whilst the feet are planted firmly on the floor. The shape of the saddle promotes the natural S curve of the spinal column and thus a less tiring posture. The saddle chair makes it possible to easily move sideways and around your workplace. The Score saddle chair comes in two different forms. The “Jumper” has a wider seat and the “Amazone” a narrower seat. It is also possible to provide the Jumper, Amazone and Jolly with a “Balance” mechanism as accessory. This sophisticated mechanism moves the seat in the direction of the centre of gravity of the user’s upper body when changing posture. The pelvis and the spinal column stay in balance, and pressure points such as the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone are relieved of pressure. The already comfortable saddle seat is thus even better. The seamless upholstered saddle seats are designed for workplaces where hygiene is very important.

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Score Dental saddle stools are available in two unique seat shapes. The Amazone is for an active narrow sitting posture.

The shape of the Amazone’s seat facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor. The Amazone seat strikes the best possible balance between the control and healthy posture of ‘standing’, and the comfort of ‘sitting.

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A ‘seated stance’ or ‘standing sit’. In other words: sitting actively and relaxed in the ergonomically favourable posture. That is the philosophy behind the innovative Score Dental saddle stools. Today, it is the seating solution of choice for more than 35,000 dental professionals worldwide. The Score Dental saddle stool has three major advantages:

  1. The natural upright sitting posture prevents back and neck injuries
  2. You can sit closer to the patient. No need to bend over as much
  3. Your open posture ensures better concentration and increased energy